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SLS Q-Line Gold

So, my SLS Q-Line Gold receiver (QG-500AVR) kicked the bucket. And that is the second one to do so. The first one went cookoo–dimming the display, changing volume, changing inputs all by itself like it was possessed. The second one made a funny hissing sound then the audio went away. So, I powered it off (not standby–full power down). When I powered it back on, the audio resumed–for 30 seconds–then the static burst, then silence. The receiver is a rebadged Sherwood RD-8601. I wonder if those are unreliable, too?

This is not really worth the money if my experience is the norm. Too bad my warranty is out.

Now my splendid SLS speakers are hooked up to an old analog stereo Yamaha amp–not even a tuner! And it works like a charm.